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Stocks Up

Amazon (AMZN) 445.51 +14.20%
Microsoft (MSFT) 47.875 +10.50%
Starbucks (SBUX) 51.91 +4.88%
Mattel (MAT) 30.2 +4.44%
Google (GOOG) 564.97 +3.18%

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candlestick patterns

Popular Candlestick Patterns

Doji Candlestick Chart
Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern
Hanging Man Candle Chart
Spinning Top Candlestick Pattern
Hammer Candlestick Indicator

Easily find the latest candlestick patterns on any stock you watch with our automatic recognition indicator.

See on charts exactly where the pattern happened, and compare with historical data for technical analysis in your trading strategies.

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Unusual Tweet Volume

Apple Tweet Indicator 115 Tweets Today
Verizon Communications Tweet Indicator 98 Tweets Today
Amazon Tweet Indicator 61 Tweets Today
Google Tweet Indicator 28 Tweets Today
Intel Tweet Indicator 25 Tweets Today

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