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Bullish 78%

Bearish 22%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Apple AAPL 172.58 0.88 0.51 % -63.62 % 26.16 % 35.19 %

Apple - #AAPL Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

ValorWealth | @Valor Private Wealth 12.13.2017 | 21.24

If it is so good, then why spin it off. It just doesn't make sense. If I were a $TCEHY shareholder, it would concer…

BuddySav | @Alessandro Savelli 12.13.2017 | 21.23

RT @MarketKanguru: $SLV Silver - Going Long here... $AAPL $GLD $XAUUSD $btcusd

ThetaLooter | @T 12.13.2017 | 21.18

RT @JediJazz22: Big news out for $DATI today (been on a rip lately!) Begins Onboarding Four New Tech #Startups

sambeal | @Sam Beal 12.13.2017 | 21.02

Every Bitcoin hater is a frustrated "failed to buy & hold". Boo Hoo. I sold $AAPL when Jobs got the boot & dumped,…

bocajoes | @Phoenix Rising 12.13.2017 | 21.02

RT @OCFuturesTrader: $AAPL iOS update today for the iPhone/iPad calculator … so it can … calculate bitcoin.

Negative Tweets

RB8780 | @Richie Rich 12.13.2017 | 21.24

RT @OptiontradinIQ: $RUT Bearish Butterfly Trade Example - $SPY $SPX $IWM $AAPL [Blog Archive]

TickwatcherMF | @Tickwatcher MF 12.13.2017 | 21.01

Top #money flow today. Free stocks app $EEM, $FB, $SPY, $MSFT, $GDX, $XOM, $GDXJ,…

Riggs62139576 | @Riggs 12.13.2017 | 20.53

RT @JustinPulitzer: Booking some short $AAPL puts based on both total IV & IV Percentile. Typically, IV is 25-26, it's only in the 19s now.…

KLRTRDR | @OptionsAlchemist 12.13.2017 | 20.23

RT @permabear_uk: $AAPL remains in consolidation-chop mode, settling +0.3% at $172.27, with a notable black-fail candle. S/t bearish, but m…

arnabch01 | @Arnab 12.13.2017 | 20.18

RT @arnabch01: #Investors #China #debt at extreme #tech #bubble insane be very careful $GOOG $AAPL $NFLX $AMZN $FB $TSLA $MSFT $QQQ $CSCO $…


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