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Bullish 63%

Bearish 37%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Apple AAPL 160.15 0.23 0.14 % -32.03 % -29.33 % 124.38 %

Apple - #AAPL Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

hollyla_fon | @Holly 08.23.2017 | 17.07

Guru stock fund managers' most-bought stocks of Q2: the definitive list $msft $aapl $wfc $v

pete_cixx | @Pete Cixx 08.23.2017 | 17.00

RT @CNBCFastMoney: '@petenajarian says he's held $AAPL for more than 20 years. Are you buying his pitch for the tech giant?

MatthewBeavers | @AllSevens 08.23.2017 | 16.59

RT @CNBCFastMoney: '@petenajarian says he's held $AAPL for more than 20 years. Are you buying his pitch for the tech giant?

DailyStockPlays | 08.23.2017 | 16.58


JorelLaraKalel | @Clark Joseph Kent 08.23.2017 | 16.52

7 Stocks to Buy With a $2,000 Start $MKL $SHW $AYI $AAPL $EL $SHOP $TJX

Negative Tweets

MacHashNews | @MacHash 08.23.2017 | 17.18

Apple TV's Estimated Market Share Declines as Customers Await Highly-Anticipated 4K Model

XMCapitalGroup | @XM Capital 08.23.2017 | 16.20

$AAPL and financials weren't enough to support $SPX today. Market being down 5 Thursdays in a row may have caused some caution EOD.

TopTickTrades | @SEB 08.23.2017 | 16.19

I'll go more into longs as I see market sell off some, but you can never go wrong with $AAPL at current valuation. There are many shorts tho

JorelLaraKalel | @Clark Joseph Kent 08.23.2017 | 16.13

New iPhones might release September 22; Apple TV lost Q1 market share $AAPL #iphone8

droidtrader8 | @DroidTrader8 08.23.2017 | 16.04

$AAPL looks like consolidation on hourly since ER, break 161/162 target 167/168, or break down from 154/155 and at least fill the ER gap


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