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Apple - #AAPL Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

MacHashNews | @MacHash 09.21.2018 | 04.23

Potential UPS website error shows iPhone XS delivery dates pushed to Monday, causes alarm for early buyers…

atul_hul | @Atul 09.21.2018 | 04.09

RT @EhaRouge: Join @RobinhoodApp and we'll both get a stock like $AAPL, $F, or $S for free. Make sure to use my link. Buy $NBEV IT'S MOONIN…

CompoundTrading | @Compound Trading 09.21.2018 | 04.08

Protected: Best Trading Week in Months! Trade Alert Set-Ups: $NBEV, $CRON, Oil, $AAPL, $NFLX, $FB, $AMD, $BABA,…

RehanVaid | @Rehan Vaid 09.21.2018 | 03.27

RT @UPBOptionMil: Some of todays most active stock options 9.20.18 $GE $BAC $BABA $AAPL $SNAP $AMD $CLF $FB

alphabazinga | @dodecahedron 09.21.2018 | 03.23

RT @MacroTechnicals: shhhh... Live shot of Human Lemmings species “Millennials” waiting patiently in line to pick up their pre-ordered new…

Negative Tweets

BeefEnt | @Beef Ent. 09.21.2018 | 04.23

RT @Stock_Hunter89: few screen shots of how #StockHunterTrading private twitter feed flows $TLRY $AMZN $AAPL $GS $DIS $NBEV $GOOGL $JPM com…

ito316 | @Lance Cossey 09.21.2018 | 04.21

@jimcramer I was feeling piggish yesterday and actually submitted a sell order to schnitzel but it didn’t trigger my limit price $AAPL

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.18


registrarjourn | @Registrar Journal 09.21.2018 | 03.03

Apple Inc. $AAPL Shares Sold by Gemmer Asset Management LLC

EnterpriseLeade | @Enterprise Leader 09.21.2018 | 03.03

Apple Inc. $AAPL Shares Sold by Gemmer Asset Management LLC


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