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Bullish 72%

Bearish 28%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Amazon AMZN 958.63 -8.47 -0.88 % 46.33 % -42.44 % 59.91 %

Amazon - #AMZN Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

krishsri79 | @Krishna Srinivasan 08.23.2017 | 17.17

RT @aberdec: $AMZN has no store🏪 $Uber owns no car🚗 $FB creates no content📰 $BABA holds no inventory📚 $AirBnB owns no estate🏘 $BTC isn't a…

TalkMarkets | @TalkMarkets 08.23.2017 | 17.13

Intense Bargain or Value Trap? $DIS $KO $SBUX $ABC $IBM $MBI $WFC $AMZN $NFLX $FB $GOOGL $WBA $TGNA $JWN $TGT

BigDealWorld | @Dee Hache 08.23.2017 | 17.12

Shareholders @WholeFoods $WFM approve merger @Amazon $AMZN; fed. antitrust scrutiny still looms. @heatherhaddon @wsj

silviodante16 | @Silvio Dante 08.23.2017 | 17.08

$AMZN FTC is good news. They lead for a reason. #longview

lampidicsparrow | @Michael 08.23.2017 | 17.06

RT @GotSanctuary: Federal Trade Commission clears Amazon's $AMZN deal to buy Whole Foods

Negative Tweets

_ShawnLeyss | @Shawnjavierleys 08.23.2017 | 17.16

RT @CNBCClosingBell: $WFM $AMZN

MC_OptionTrades | 08.23.2017 | 16.54

Price Moves vs Expected Moves $JCP $BABA $TIF $NFLX $HD $DLTR $AMZN $DAL $CMG $AAL $LUV $LOW

Softcrush | @Suz🌺 08.23.2017 | 16.46

RT @CNBCClosingBell: $WFM $AMZN

vgfx | @VG 08.23.2017 | 16.41

As $AMZN gets more and more into brick and mortar. They lose their edge.

FerSotresH | @Fernando Sotres Hdez 08.23.2017 | 16.41

RT @CNBCClosingBell: $WFM $AMZN


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