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Bullish 85%

Bearish 15%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Amazon AMZN 1000.69 -0.36 -0.04 % -33.33 % -72.50 % -87.11 %

Amazon - #AMZN Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

slavesfo | @kieran 06.25.2017 | 16.12

RT @etfguide: (Podcast) Q2 Window Dressing + $XRT $XLY $AMZN $SPY $VIX

SFBusinessTimes | @SF Business Times 06.25.2017 | 16.07

Inside #retail: After @WholeFoods buy, will $AMZN go after @Nordstrom next?

Angelo80357382 | @Angelo 06.25.2017 | 15.46

RT @SharePlanner: Don't stay away from stocks with a high share price. Its okay to only buy a couple of shares. #stocks $AMZN $GOOGL https…

kubischblog | @Benjamin Kerber 06.25.2017 | 15.35

RT @WhatILearnedTW: At $480b, $AMZN's mkt value equals 90% of all stocks in S&P1500 food & staples index, which includes $WMT #AmazonWholeF…

giantwhiteoak | @Tom 06.25.2017 | 15.23

And they won't. $WFM has struggled for the last couple years. $AMZN doesn't know all

Negative Tweets

PeteStock11 | @Pete Stock 06.25.2017 | 12.04

That's what I found also. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bear raid on $AMZN shares. People are getting screwed by…

donovan_revers | @Donovan Revers 06.25.2017 | 11.23

RT @braxtoncarter: .@Nike is one step closer to the customer selling direct on $AMZN! Will help with knockoffs too.

RScapitalINC | @RS Capital❤️🇺🇸📈🏈 06.25.2017 | 10.45

$AMZN (article)'Amazon has never publicly disclosed the number of Prime members' EXACTLY-never had prime. $COST💰bac…

wind4me | @@Hydrogen2020 06.25.2017 | 09.46

$Plug #Amazon $AMZN - YouTube #Shorts gonna die

finzine | @finzine 06.25.2017 | 09.32

$AMZN Don't Get Short With Us


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