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Baidu Spon Adr Rep A - #BIDU Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

ScatmanGL | @Gregory L 09.24.2018 | 08.42

Did see some call buying in $VWO on Friday. Largest components of this Emerging Mkt Vanguard Etf: $TCEHY $BABA $TSM…

MarketRealist | @Market Realist 09.24.2018 | 08.33

Google and Baidu: How They Stack Up against Each Other $GOOG $BIDU $MSFT $VZ $IQ

usindexlive | @US Index Live 09.24.2018 | 08.09

Hedeker Wealth Management Group Has Raised Baidu F $BIDU Holding; Ashford Hospitality Trust Has 1.62 S…

pgray41 | @InvestIt 09.24.2018 | 07.12

RT @rimisback: Blackberry Launches New IoT Security Platform – Signs Up AWS, Baidu, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Samsung. $BB @…

beyond_ninety | @Beyond The Ninety Minutes 09.24.2018 | 06.46

As Baidu $BIDU Stock Value Declined, Trilogy Global Advisors LP Trimmed by $5.25 Million Its Holding; Retirement Sy…

Negative Tweets

NickSantiago01 | @Nicholas Santiago 09.24.2018 | 10.09

Last night, the Shanghai stock market was closed for the Autumn holiday, but most of the leading Chinese ADR's are…

CodeMonk13 | @Yuri Swarovski 09.24.2018 | 09.02

RT @CodeMonk13: I expect Mon. for the $NQZ to drop from the opening bell for the first 30-45 min to around 7500-7450 level at which time I…

registrarjourn | @Registrar Journal 09.23.2018 | 21.46

Baidu $BIDU Cut to Strong Sell at BidaskClub

EnterpriseLeade | @Enterprise Leader 09.23.2018 | 21.46

Baidu $BIDU Cut to Strong Sell at BidaskClub

JoeRDiaz2 | @JRD 09.23.2018 | 17.51

$jd $ $bidu $baba Expect volatility to continue this coming week especially the US Market could see the start…


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