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Bullish 37%

Bearish 63%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
General Elec... GE 16.265 -0.56 -3.33 % -31.10 % 14.29 % -33.02 %

General Electric - #GE Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

Margare30926081 | @Margaret Simmons 01.21.2018 | 14.57

Texas Yale Capital Stake In General Electric Co $GE Was Has Raised

MrATM_ | @Mr ATM 01.21.2018 | 14.51

@MrStockles That's what people were saying about $GE knowing a div cut is coming. Market's account of an upcoming e…

MarkRevalee | @Mark Revalee 01.21.2018 | 14.05

$GE reports next week. Time to start buying those puts. Though I don't want the stock to fall, I can't see a cata…

windham_kathryn | @Kathryn Windham 01.21.2018 | 13.35

American Money Management Holding in General Electric Company $GE Decreased by $305,136 as Stock Value Decl...

MariaDa18810214 | @Maria Dawson 01.21.2018 | 12.34

Lucas Capital Management Boosted Holding in General Electric Co $GE as Share Price Declined ...

Negative Tweets

windham_kathryn | @Kathryn Windham 01.21.2018 | 14.49

General Electric Company $GE Reaches $16.26 1 Year Low

jeffwills08 | @Jeff Wills ie Sparky per Jim Cramer 01.21.2018 | 14.28

$ge I've stated is worth closer to $10 than $20 and with the huge legacy insurances losses thru 2024 maybe worse.…

MarieSm76375904 | @Marie Smith 01.21.2018 | 13.34

Quantbot Technologies LP Cut Its General Electric Co $GE Position

howardlindzon | @Blockchain Lindzon 01.21.2018 | 13.29

RT @StockTwits: Over 300 stocks are set to report earnings this week, including $NFLX, $GE, $INTC, $SBUX & $F. See and follow the rest here…

windham_kathryn | @Kathryn Windham 01.21.2018 | 13.06

Old West Investment Management Lowered General Electric Co $GE Position by $2.65 Million ...


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