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Bullish 67%

Bearish 33%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
General Elec... GE 14.655 0.15 1.03 % -40.33 % -55.93 % 95.95 %

General Electric - #GE Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

KASDad | @Kate's Dad 04.24.2018 | 16.39

If you are a stuckholder in $GE, like me, this chart might speak to you. Otherwise talk to your wife or husband.…

OwensAssetFund | @OwensAssetFund 04.24.2018 | 16.04

$GE after-hours imbalance to buy-side: 3.8M, 58k, 20k, 39k, 31k, 16k. Institutional investor buying after-hours aga…

WarrenBuffetHQ | @Warren 04.24.2018 | 15.50

By allowing inferior thoughts and habits to pass away, you make room for an expansion of your superior qualities…

bullriders1 | @Scott Spencer 04.24.2018 | 15.30

$GE +1% $14.64 LONG

tombuerkle | @Tom Buerkle 04.24.2018 | 15.16

United and Equifax stick with their independent chairs, giving $GE holders reason to demand same at tomorrow's AGM.

Negative Tweets

TopTickrs | @TopTickers 04.24.2018 | 15.45

Free Stock Trading! Join Robinhood and get a stock like $SQ, $SHOP, or $GE for FREE! Make sure to follow this link!…

sn0p1 | @sn0p 04.24.2018 | 15.15

RT @LimitedHangOut1: Mientras tanto $GE ......

DannyEwing | @Danny Ewing 04.24.2018 | 14.20

@RavenDusk1 $ELRA $GMGI 2.5 Bil AS(s) and under- Pink Fully Reporting, No Dilution, Waiting for News FLow- Let t…

OGPainTrade | @Capitalism Up Your Ass 04.24.2018 | 13.57

Slowly loading the boat on some $GE....

StockInferno | @TecNasty 04.24.2018 | 13.56

$PG $GE on the big board radar as worth watching bottoms seem to be coming in for both $PG has a big double bottom…


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