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Bullish 89%

Bearish 11%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Google GOOG 1041.09 0.61 0.06 % -30.12 % 38.10 % -28.98 %

Google - #GOOG Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

jpghightower | @John Gibson, CFA 12.13.2017 | 19.39

@QTRResearch @jack @lloydblankfein Bought by $fb or $goog would be interesting. Next year m&a activity is going to be epic

OptionstraderOC | @Craig Taggart 12.13.2017 | 17.04

Google launching AI center in China $GOOG $GOOGL

newswithvalue | @Breaking News Now 12.13.2017 | 15.24

$GOOG: 15 Best Chromebook Apps For Students:

theoldcurrency | @The Old Currency 12.13.2017 | 13.05

$GOOG: "Google launching AI center in China."

BZContributors | @BZ Contributors 12.13.2017 | 12.41

Why There's A Potential Bullish Breakout In Alphabet $GOOG $GOOGL $XLK

Negative Tweets

StockPicker908 | @tom renna 12.13.2017 | 15.52

RT @InsuranceNJ908: A Great New Jersey Band Loses Its Leader, One of My Favorites $TWTR $GOOG $FB #youTube #NJDailyNews #RockandRoll https:…

InsuranceNJ908 | @O'Donnell Agency 12.13.2017 | 14.57

A Great New Jersey Band Loses Its Leader, One of My Favorites $TWTR $GOOG $FB #youTube #NJDailyNews #RockandRoll

SPNewsAnalysis | @Sports Perspectives 12.13.2017 | 11.04

Investors Sell Alphabet $GOOG on Strength $GOOG

storminvestor | @Storm Investor 12.13.2017 | 11.02

Investors Sell Alphabet $GOOG on Strength $GOOG

SleekMoneycom | @Sleek Money 12.12.2017 | 19.09

Alphabet $GOOG Stock Rating Lowered by Vetr


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