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Google - #GOOG Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

OracleofWallSt | @Oracle of Wall St 03.18.2018 | 22.21

@petenajarian Google 2018 PE is 27.3x but it’s projected EPS growth is 28.4% in 2018. And Facebook’s PE of 25.6x is…

dannyvena | @Danny Vena 03.18.2018 | 18.43

RT @dannyvena: #WarrenBuffett said he "blew it." Don't be like Buffett. The No. 1 Reason to Buy #Alphabet #Stock Right Now @themotleyfool #…

kornelski | @Kornel 03.18.2018 | 17.36

@travisatkins Yes, they are. Individual Googler doesn't make enough to buy the controlling share of $GOOG, so they…

ProTradersNews | @ProTradersNews 03.18.2018 | 15.08

$CAR $GOOG $GOOGL: What’s Next for Avis Budget Group in the Connected-Car Space?:

WeekHerald | @Week Herald 03.18.2018 | 09.53

Alphabet Inc $GOOG Holdings Raised by TRUE Private Wealth Advisors

Negative Tweets

Algoslayer1 | @And I see with BOTH eyes 03.18.2018 | 20.38

Wall st has lost the #cryptocurrency war...genie is out of the bottle... neither $GOOG $TWTR $FB media ban can sto…

roberee | @Robert Lee 03.18.2018 | 17.20

$TWTR Follows $GOOG $FB... #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies

3rdEyedXbarbi | @ㄨ BѧRbië ㄨ 03.18.2018 | 16.13

RT @MissElllly: $SPY $GOOG $TWTR ' #Twitter would add to #Google's mobile advertising leverage and feed the search giant's AI infrastructur…

SandHillInsight | @Chuck Jones 03.18.2018 | 16.11

Bitcoin has been weak since it hit almost $12,000 in early March. It could test its recent $6,000 low unless the ba…

Plantandwatch | @Bringithome 03.18.2018 | 11.47

When will #googleglass lower its price to sub 1000? Start the progression of #smartglass #wearables #hearables to…


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