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Bullish 54%

Bearish 46%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Home Depot HD 176.09 -1.54 -0.87 % -4.35 % -37.14 % 33.33 %

Home Depot - #HD Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

wave5trade | @wave5trade 04.24.2018 | 13.45

📢📢 #Stocks #Swingtrading Signals Video for Longer Term Swing on $HD giving Entry Price, Stop Loss and Target Levels…

OptionsBeyond | @Options Beyond 04.24.2018 | 13.01

$HD out some more calls here at 3.05 for a small loss...holding a very small lot now but over 1k in realized gains

WarrenBuffetHQ | @Warren 04.24.2018 | 12.29

RT @StockRatingsHQ: Wednesday, April 25th 2018 - New Buy, Sell or Hold Ratings Issued For: $ABHI $CBL $PCG $KMB $MGM $ASAB $CNP $CX $SWKS…

BlueSkyOptions | @Blue sKy Options 04.24.2018 | 12.02

$HD Like the setup! On our watch list.

InterestRateArb | @ParallaxFinancialResearch 04.24.2018 | 11.44

the De-POT finally waking up from its long nappy nap $HD

Negative Tweets

louislouieaz | @LL 04.24.2018 | 12.04

$low $hd not weak here

TranscriptDaily | @Transcript Daily 04.24.2018 | 12.01

The Home Depot $HD Lowered to “Sell” at Zacks Investment Research

tekmunnee | @TekMuNNee Options 04.24.2018 | 11.23

$HD that resistance at $180.11ish needs to break and we should see some nice spikes

schaeffers | @Schaeffer's Research 04.24.2018 | 10.33

The brokerage firm believes broad macroeconomic factors will be a boon for both $HD and $LOW

DAMSConsulting | @DAMS Consulting 04.24.2018 | 09.23

$HD testing Resistance at 179-180 breakout opens door back to 200 use 171 as a stop


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