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Home Depot - #HD Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

GatorSymphony | @Gatorsymphony 🇺🇸 09.20.2018 | 22.47

$HD is strong, #Bullish and looking to continue the trend. Stop set at 208.

Momobreakout | @Momobreakout 09.20.2018 | 21.20

RT @PatrickWalker56: $HD. Breaks out. Goes up. Pullback to rising 8 ema. Lifts with volume pickup. This is the price-volume action we want.…

IBD_ANarayanan | @Aparna Narayanan 09.20.2018 | 17.16

5 best dividend stocks include Texas Instruments, which just hiked its dividend for the 15th year in a row $TXN $HD

ClayFranklin | @Clayton Franklin 09.20.2018 | 16.15

@SaraEisen I tweeted your show when you guest said “no one is buying stocks now” 2 days ago. You and Evan and Mr…

beyond_ninety | @Beyond The Ninety Minutes 09.20.2018 | 15.42

Autus Asset Management Has Increased Its Stake in Home Depot $HD as Stock Price Rose; Janney Montgomery Scott Has C…

Negative Tweets

registrarjourn | @Registrar Journal 09.21.2018 | 03.12

Home Depot Inc $HD Shares Sold by Sit Investment Associates Inc.

EnterpriseLeade | @Enterprise Leader 09.21.2018 | 03.12

Home Depot Inc $HD Shares Sold by Sit Investment Associates Inc.

tradewithjoe | @tradewithjoe 09.20.2018 | 16.30

This is why interest rate fears will resume. <<< Click it. Nothing bad will happen. i pro…

NewsToDesk | @Stock News 09.20.2018 | 14.04

$Z $AMZN $TSLA $HD: ‘Blockchain Is to Bitcoin as Internet Is to Dot Com Bubble,’ Says Zillow CEO:

PeterSong909 | @Peter Trader 09.20.2018 | 13.57

@HadjPadjj Can you tell $LOW to take his older brother $HD with him?


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