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International Business Machs - #IBM Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

AnlashokOne | @Dilip John 09.21.2018 | 02.13

Workers sue IBM for age discrimination (update) #ageism #agediscrimination $IBM

shitcoinmd | @Dr. Shitcoin 09.20.2018 | 19.18

$IBM is kicking ass. Bullish test of the top of the trading range at the neckline of a complex ihs. I have $155 cal…

beyond_ninety | @Beyond The Ninety Minutes 09.20.2018 | 15.47

As Gopro $GPRO Market Value Declined, Polygon Management LTD Upped Holding by $1.64 Million; As Intl Business Machi…

beyond_ninety | @Beyond The Ninety Minutes 09.20.2018 | 15.43

Pax World Management Raised Its International Business Machs $IBM Holding; Last Week Platform Specialty Products…

micahdonovick | @micah donovick 09.20.2018 | 15.38

Some modest gains $MU $IBM $PFE $WMT

Negative Tweets

bbnsnews | @Baseball News Source 09.20.2018 | 19.51

Investors Sell IBM $IBM on Strength $IBM

murphycharts | @Shane C. Murphy 09.20.2018 | 18.19

what a daily candle on $IBM closing above 200DMA is big news for this stock

1MinuteStock | @1 min Stock Insights 09.20.2018 | 16.42

Wondering about risks of $IBM? The 63-day volatility is 7.94%

OptionsHawk | @Joe Kunkle 09.20.2018 | 15.24

Your old friend Big Blue $IBM out of large inverse H&S bottom and through 200 MA this week

JPM63887712 | @JPM 09.20.2018 | 14.48

RT @MC_OptionTrades: $IBM 19-Oct-18 ATM Implied Volatility is down -0.5%. Straddle Implies a Move of ±4.6%. Earnings Oct 16 AMC.


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