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Mcdonalds - #MCD Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

politicalHEDGE | @politically HEDGED 03.18.2018 | 19.19

Sunday Rewind: From February 6, 2018@9:11am ➡ A Chemical in McDonald’s Fries May Cure Baldness, Japanese Study Sa…

chasingmarkets | @Chasing Markets 03.18.2018 | 17.21

Starbucks Paying Attention to Customer Experience; Strengthening New Growth Phase $SBUX $MCD

huber57 | @Doug Huber 03.18.2018 | 15.34

@Nice_hit_eh @greenhousenyt @LOLGOP By shareholders you mean most Americans. That's who owns shares of $MCD. My gue…

finboxio | 03.18.2018 | 10.15

$WING P/E multiple of 66.3x looks expensive vs peers: $BDL $MCD $CMG $DIN $EAT

WeekHerald | @Week Herald 03.18.2018 | 09.53

McDonald's Co. $MCD Shares Bought by Taylor Wealth Management Partners

Negative Tweets

TrdngDrivatives | @Trading Derivatives 03.18.2018 | 23.57

RT @pbrat40plus: #Traders Get #Stocks and #Options Play for potential SHORT #trading idea for $MCD #NYSE #Stocks Trade >>HERE>>

pbrat40plus | @paul bratby 03.18.2018 | 23.55

#Traders Get #Stocks and #Options Play for potential SHORT #trading idea for $MCD #NYSE #Stocks Trade >>HERE>>…

DrDuru | @Dr. Duru 03.18.2018 | 23.25

Stock Market Stumbles Back to A Sharp Edge. $SPY $QQQ #VIX $LOGI $MCD #AT40 #T2108 $AUDJPY…

DrDuru | @Dr. Duru 03.18.2018 | 23.24

The Stock Market Stumbles Back to A Sharp Edge. $SPY $QQQ #VIX $LOGI $MCD #AT40 #T2108

ModernWallSt | @Modern Wall Street 03.18.2018 | 20.45

The Middle East Mkts are CLOSED | Don't miss MWS' Hoda Osman's MENA Report | Big stock market changes in Kuwait & m…


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