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Bullish 38%

Bearish 62%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Mcdonalds MCD 158.8 -0.90 -0.56 % -1.15 % -14.00 % 53.57 %

Mcdonalds - #MCD Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

hchao12_iii | @趙旭涵 📚Peter Hsu Han C 08.23.2017 | 17.11

#ObviouslyBadIdeas going to Brazil and jumping off a bridge in the name of passionate romantic devotion; ; $MCD $MCD

noritsunagirota | @Gabriel Wilson 08.23.2017 | 15.30

Maplelane Capital Raised Holding in Mcdonalds $Call $MCD by $6.05 Million as Shares Rose ...

CNBCTradersFan | @CNBCTraders 08.23.2017 | 14.27

RT SeekingAlpha "McDonald's: Growing Sales, Growing Dividends But Expensive $MCD"

CNBCTradersFan | @CNBCTraders 08.23.2017 | 14.27

RT SeekingAlpha "The Super Dividend Champions (2017 Edition) $MCD $AFL $DCI $TGT"

SEEKINGALPHA_FS | @Seeking Alpha 08.23.2017 | 14.23

McDonald's: Growing Sales, Growing Dividends But Expensive $MCD

Negative Tweets

ITRADEVOL | @bake mcbride 08.23.2017 | 16.40

$SELL Stock Closing Order Imbalances $T $JPM $C $UTX $ANTM $DE $MCD $VMC $TJX $AEP $GE $VZ $HPE $PFE $WFC $ORCL $ACN

msfried315 | @Martin S Friedlander 08.23.2017 | 14.57

McDonald's to cut antiobiotic usage $MCD

LisaBaertlein | @lisa baertlein 08.23.2017 | 14.55

RT @RichardLeong2: McDonald's to cut global antibiotic use in chickens in 2018, looking at other meats @LisaBaertle…

takingstock614 | @Takingstock614 08.23.2017 | 14.33

$MCD what a beast but will not take much to bring this house down imo. Vulnerable to a quick drop into 128-130. Short only if cracks tho

theoldcurrency | @The Old Currency 08.23.2017 | 14.30

$MCD: "McDonald's [plans to cut down on the use of antibiotics in its chicken supply, beginning in 2018]..."


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