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Netflix - #NFLX Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

belle_aura | @belle aura 09.21.2018 | 03.21

RT @ElliottForecast: $NFLX #ElliottWave View: Dips Expected To Remain Supported #Netflix

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.18

RT @brianmads: $NFLX Needs to Break Over White line. if it B/O and Hold Make sure you get calls 2 weeks out

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.18

RT @MareaInformativ: Netflix, Inc. $NFLX Shares Bought by Segall Bryant & Hamill LLC

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.17

RT @ElliottForecast: $NFLX can be looking to extend higher towards 387.69-396.70 area next before profit taking in 3 waves is seen #Elliott…

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.16

RT @ElliottForecast: $NFLX found buyer's this week at the blue box area & made new highs. Longs are risk free already #Elliottwave #Trading…

Negative Tweets

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.13

RT @LloydCreekStock: $NFLX Good Companies, Weak Stock Performances

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.13

RT @LloydCreekStock: $NFLX Why the Bears Are Wrong About iQiyi Stock

salomon69479215 | @salomon1 09.21.2018 | 03.05

RT @LloydCreekStock: $NFLX Netflix (NFLX) Stock Sinks As Market Gains: What You Should Know

haseebstreet | @Haseeb 09.21.2018 | 01.32

Got some $nflx calls into the close yesterday. $spx ATH. should see more money flow

abydnave | @abydnave 09.20.2018 | 23.38



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