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Nvidia - #NVDA Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

REZ_777 | @rez 09.21.2018 | 01.59

RT @REZ_777: Best quote of GTC Japan: "YOU CAN'T JUST BUILD A CHIP, YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THE STACK" -Jensen $nvda ecosystem

BarrieNJ | @Barrie 09.21.2018 | 00.23

RT @farrisbaba: I'm checking out $NVDA large bull flag on the daily

JohnVieira25 | @John Vieira 09.21.2018 | 00.21

RT @kpak82: $NVDA been bleeding but looks like there's some hope. At support and forming bullflag

kpak82 | @kpak 09.21.2018 | 00.03

$NVDA been bleeding but looks like there's some hope. At support and forming bullflag

korinek_trades | @Korinek_Trades 09.20.2018 | 23.08

$NVDA breaking down from this triangle, needs to hold and defend 262, otherwise back to 256.5. On the upside, needs…

Negative Tweets

Patfactorx | @David Pat 09.21.2018 | 01.16

Selling my NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 FOUNDERS EDITION - Ships now via @eBay #nvidia $nvda #rtx2080 #geforce

Tickmagnet1 | @Tickmagnet 09.20.2018 | 23.06

People are crazy for selling $NVDA just listen to my boy @jimcramer 300 coming soon!! Gamers love the stock!!

marc_slans | @Marc Slans 09.20.2018 | 22.23

@apellegr These sell-side guys are bean-counters. They only marginally understand $NVDA and it’s vast potential...…

optionflow23 | @Optionflow23 09.20.2018 | 21.43

@WeeklyOptTrader Can you offer some advise on $nvda from one Indian brotha to another lol. I’m really down big.

N0rthwinds11 | @Northwind 09.20.2018 | 20.42

$MU beating earnings, but bad forecast and gap down? Looks like $NVDA 1 month ago.🧐


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