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NVDA Twitter Strength Meter


Bullish 49%

Bearish 51%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Nvidia NVDA 186.13 -4.62 -2.42 % 19.46 % -37.95 % -33.72 %

Nvidia - #NVDA Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

TopTickrs | @TopTickers 12.13.2017 | 20.48


j_p_jacques | @Jean-Philippe 12.13.2017 | 20.43

@contrarianduck_ @OphirGottlieb @tpoletti some custom asic may perform better than $NVDA gpu but cost will be much higher

incentm62 | @vincent 12.13.2017 | 20.27

Money rotation back to tech from financials buy $NVDA now.

Stockrookie2 | @Stockrookie 12.13.2017 | 20.18

$NVDA Hold on let me zoom in. Yup! Just as I suspected. Shenanigans! Don't worry I don't trade off this account. I'…

WeekHerald | @Week Herald 12.13.2017 | 20.13

NVIDIA Corporation $NVDA Stake Increased by Zeke Capital Advisors LLC

Negative Tweets

TopTickrs | @TopTickers 12.13.2017 | 21.10

Start trading with @RobinhoodApp and get a stock like $NVDA, $F, or $VZ for FREE! Make sure to follow this link!…

Stockrookie2 | @Stockrookie 12.13.2017 | 21.08

$NVDA if I had a dollar for everytime they told me to sell Nvidia I would have zero dollars

Bryce_Martel | @Bryce Martel 12.13.2017 | 20.59

Notice the extremely low volume today. "What a selloff " lmao. Solely OPEX shenanigans right now. Ignore the noise…

j_p_jacques | @Jean-Philippe 12.13.2017 | 20.35

@contrarianduck_ @OphirGottlieb @tpoletti 8 out of 8 big tech still use $NVDA to train 7 out of 8 to execute google TPU is only for them

KarlEggerss | @Karl Eggerss 12.13.2017 | 20.25

$NVDA, one of the hottest stocks of 2017, down over 14% from recent highs.


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