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NVDA Twitter Strength Meter


Bullish 82%

Bearish 18%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Nvidia NVDA 154.26 -4.21 -2.66 % -35.87 % -6.35 % -90.85 %

Nvidia - #NVDA Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

studioTDZ | @Tony Dz 06.25.2017 | 14.31

RT @ClausVistesen: When I grow up, I want to buy 20,000 $NVDA chips and start my own ETH and BTC mining company

CHItraders | @CHItraders 06.25.2017 | 12.03

CNBC's Jim Cramer Loathes $BTC #Bitcoin & $ETH #Ethereum for Boosting $NVDA, $AMD Stock. Obviously.

chris_stearns | @Christopher Stearns 06.25.2017 | 10.09

@GerberKawasaki We know the potential of bulls like $TSLA $NVDA, tho many are philosophically inconsistent when it…

StockNewsWires | @StockNewsWires 06.25.2017 | 09.44

$NVDA $TEVA: These 3 Stocks Are Up Over 500% in the Last 3 Years:

bullorbust | @Bull or Bust 06.25.2017 | 09.29

Please oh please let there be a bubble in $nvda so I can buy more... #trading #investing

Negative Tweets

jweztrader | @Fed Zeppelin 06.25.2017 | 10.18

Insider selling as well... $NVDA

patrickbarnes77 | @Patrick Barnes 06.25.2017 | 00.44

RT @option_snipper: $nvda technically DEAD for a while. weekly chart ugly. may test even lower levels 151.2, 150.4, 148.6 before hiking aga…

Quarry_Rock | @QRC 06.24.2017 | 21.47

Woudnt pay one cent right now for any of the #FAANG $NVDA $TSLA stocks UNLESS the risk was defined in options PERIOD Dont be a fool HEDGE

PennyJuggernaut | @Quasar Penny stocks 06.24.2017 | 19.57

If you want a fantastic bottom play, catch $FTR which looks perfectly set for big chart comeback. Nice volume on Fri. $AMD $NVDA $HIMX

DWL_Investments | @David 06.24.2017 | 18.00

$TGTX Can anyone list some small/mid-cap stocks w/ GREAT CEOs that aren't under short attack or think the CEO is a crook? $NVDA, of course..


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