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Bullish 74%

Bearish 26%

Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
Nvidia NVDA 261.7 5.72 2.23 % -20.47 % 41.05 % 197.78 %

Nvidia - #NVDA Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

bluser12 | @Blue-ockchain 08.14.2018 | 16.03

I picked up some $nvda last week for a run up into the Thurs ER but I think I'm going to hold it through earnings

PeterSong909 | @Peter Trader 08.14.2018 | 15.56

@JESMCT Isn't that good for $AMD instead of $NVDA? $NVDA is up today because of new chip plus head of ER, imho.

EnterpriseLeade | @Enterprise Leader 08.14.2018 | 15.40

NVIDIA Co. $NVDA Holdings Lessened by Jaffetilchin Investment Partners LLC

IBD_CGessel | @Chris Gessel 08.14.2018 | 15.36

$NVDA sets up for possible breakout ahead of earnings. Option play may be in order. #IBDStockOfTheDay #stocks…

CRN | @CRN 08.14.2018 | 15.24

RT @DylanLJMartin: Partners: @Nvidia's New Turing GPUs Will Shake Up Gaming, Workstation Markets $NVDA $AMD via @CRN

Negative Tweets

BigApeTrades | @KingKong 08.14.2018 | 16.07

$nvda manage to pop through resistance and hold through the close.

KASDad | @Kate's Dad 08.14.2018 | 15.56

$NVDA, 2 days before earnings, finally closing near its high as opposed to selling off as has been the recent patte…

KoolerAid | @Kooler Aid 08.14.2018 | 15.49

$NVDA risk looks mispriced into e/r cc: @OMillionaires

AllDeltaNoTheta | @Heretic 08.14.2018 | 15.01

Covered some $NVDA 255 puts for +50% reducing risk before earnings. Still got some 260s written but shit just doesn…

HODL_Report | @HODL_Report! 08.14.2018 | 13.19

@jimcramer Graphic cards are used for the $ETH mining. At what point does the crowd it becomes negative drag to mi…


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