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Positive Tweets

gproc2 | @gproc 12.13.2017 | 20.18

RT @billho888: #TMobile seemingly not a pureplay wireless company w/Layer3 TV acquisition. Validates #ATT's DTV acquisition/DTVNow launch w…

finzine | @finzine 12.13.2017 | 20.02

$T $TMUS Why T-Mobile Is Jumping Into the Online TV Arena via

ProVesting | @ProVesting 12.13.2017 | 19.55

$WMT $TGT $T $TWX $TMUS: Fed Chair Yellen Bashes Bitcoin; T-Mobile Buys Layer 3 in Pay-TV …:

WatchlistN | @Watchlist News 12.13.2017 | 17.52

AT&T $T Getting Somewhat Positive Press Coverage, Report Shows

StockNewsWires | @StockNewsWires 12.13.2017 | 16.38

$T: Is Verizon A Buy Or A Hold?:

Negative Tweets

ValueMule | @ValueMule 12.13.2017 | 19.11

RT @shortavocado: Interesting stuff. Fist link a Tillman/ $T tower application. $sbac clearly not pleased. Also good to note Tillman using…

TopTickrs | @TopTickers 12.13.2017 | 18.10

Start trading with @RobinhoodApp and get a stock like $AAPL, $SHOP, or $T for FREE! Make sure to follow this link!…

Russ_Mayo | @Russ Mayo 12.13.2017 | 17.50

Let's Earn $t Thank you for the follow !!!

jolingkent | @Jo Ling Kent 12.13.2017 | 17.05

RT @Ryan_Knutson: Showdown! @directvnow vs @go90 vs @Layer3TV $t $vz $tmus

Ryan_Knutson | @Ryan Knutson 12.13.2017 | 17.05

Showdown! @directvnow vs @go90 vs @Layer3TV $t $vz $tmus


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