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Bullish 100%

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Company Symbol Price Change % Change Twitter % Day Twitter % Week Twitter % Month
At&t T 33.035 0.54 1.68 % -83.02 % -93.71 % -83.33 %

At&t - #T Latest Tweets

Positive Tweets

anarcomonarquia | @F. 06.18.2018 | 03.05

@CasildaValue Muchas gracias. Me cuesta bastante ya que el sector está totalmente fuera de mi círculo de competenci…

mega_supersales | @MegaMallAllStars 06.18.2018 | 02.38

RT @EdgarTalavera87: AT&T Watch TV launching this week $TWX $T

tradespoon | @Tradespoon 06.18.2018 | 02.35

$T is Bullish above $32.16. Trade near $32.16

EdgarTalavera87 | @Edgar Talavera 06.17.2018 | 23.24

AT&T Watch TV launching this week $TWX $T

arXiv_hep_ph | @hep-ph High Energy Physics Phenomenology arXiv 06.17.2018 | 21.17 W Hou et. al. Probing for Extra Top Yukawa Couplings in Light of $t\bar th(125)$ Observat…

Negative Tweets

chiefbarkontree | @EquitiesTrader 06.17.2018 | 17.11

Free Stock Trading! Start investing Robinhood and get a stock like $AAPL, $F, or $T for FREE! Make sure to follow t…

bibeypost_stock | @Bibey Post 06.17.2018 | 14.48

Portland Investment Counsel Cut Its Stake in At&T $T as Stock Value Declined; As Discovery Communicatns New $DISCK…

registrarjourn | @Registrar Journal 06.17.2018 | 11.59

Moffett Nathanson Lowers AT&T $T to Sell

TheMarketsDaily | @The Markets Daily 06.17.2018 | 11.39

Traders Sell AT&T $T on Strength $T

OLEGEFF | @OLEG EFF 06.17.2018 | 08.30

Sprint to end $15/month 'unlimited' promo $T $VZ $TMUS $S


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