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Latest +VE Tweets on Dow Jones

cnbctickers | @Jamtrades 💎 09.24.2018 | 10.17

$CMCSA should have bought Time Warner.. not this trash

beyond_ninety | @Beyond The Ninety Minutes 09.24.2018 | 10.16

Gabalex Capital Management Upped Its Disney Walt Co $DIS Position; Citi Trends Has 0.82 Sentiment

StockTwits | @StockTwits 09.24.2018 | 10.13

Comcast is buying Sky TV for $40 BILLION. They outbid Disney. But some investors think they paid too much. $CMCSA…

TradeDay3 | @Trade Day 09.24.2018 | 10.13

Bank and Credit Card stocks set for a positive week with Wednesday Fed announcement. $V $MA $WFC $BA $JPM $AXP $PNC $C

ClairTrader | @DayTraderClair 09.24.2018 | 10.12

RT @davidmoadel: $TWLO Expensive #Twilio Stock Set to Disappoint Until It Can Generate Profits $SLV $GLD $QQQ $DIA…

Latest -VE Tweets On Dow Jones

firsttomarkets | @FirstToMarkets 09.24.2018 | 10.17

Comcast Corp Downgrade by Moffett Nathanson (Ranked 111th) to Neutral $CMCSA #CMCSA

cnbctickers | @Jamtrades 💎 09.24.2018 | 10.15

$CMCSA breaking down even more

squawksquare | @squawksquare 09.24.2018 | 10.14

Dow climbs 600 points, $AAPL drops $12. Dow down today and $AAPL drops. So it seems like no matter what the markets…

dmackdaddy | @dmackdaddy 09.24.2018 | 10.13

iPhone XS and XS Max sales are 'weak' says historically bearish Apple analyst $AAPL

AjAwesomecalls | @AwesomeCallsTrading 09.24.2018 | 10.12

$ALXN What a beauty told everyone scale in SHORT at $130 and take this down slowly to $126 today and under on Phase…

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